"One of the great joys of covering the independent scene is seeing things that aren't part of the homogenised status quo, and that either incorporates music that provides something palpably real, or on the converse, something that's so thoroughly out there one is surprised that when the elements are mixed together, they end up forming something very special. Such is the case of Zvilnik."
- Ark Magazine
"Like a bargain basement Daft Punk without any of the tunes, or any similarity to Daft Punk. Except for some ridiculous cardboard robot helmet."
- Unknown
This is our latest record, for your listening pleasure...
So, you should definitely follow us on Twitter, and you could follow us on Facebook - we often post all sorts of one off recordings and experiments from Zvilnik Labs. As well as that, come and see us in person, at a loud, sweaty show. You'll find a list of all our upcoming gigs below - and you can join the BandsInTown thing to stay updated with our various hilarious misadventures.

Zvilnik tour dates